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The Swimsuit Shopping Guide: 3 Tips for Every Body Type

If you want to slim the hips…

Don't go wild on bottom.

The less going on there, well—the less going on there!

Do bring focus up

with a top in a lighter color, or with fun details or a pretty pattern.

Do go for a fairly high-cut bottom

to create the illusion of longer, leaner legs.

Beachsissi Swimsuit

If you want to boost a small bust…

Don't rule out an underwire.

"It gives shape to small busts," says Suze Yalof Schwartz.

Do go for extras

like ruffles, beading and pleating. They add bulk and visual interest.

Don't do bandeau.

"They'll flatten you out even more," says Suze Yalof Schwartz.

Beachsissi Swimsuit

If you want some belly control…

Don't go for shine.

It highlights every lump and bump. Matte is much better.

Do skip tankinis

unless you find one with an un-clingy top, like the striped style above.

Do show some skin.

A high-cut leg or low-cut top draws eyes away from your middle.

beachsissi swimsuit

If you want to support a big bust…

Do nix triangle tops

if you're bigger than a D-cup—not enough support.

Don't do high necklines

unless you want a uniboob. Didn't think so.

Do know that underwire or a hidden bra

is a must if your top's not a halter.

beach sissi swimsuit

If you want to flatter your curves…

Don't run from stripes.

Just be sure they're vertical or angled across your body.

Don't say no to bikinis.

Just avoid thin string ties, which can dig and create bulges.

Do try a wrap style

if you have a thick middle—it's a waist whittler!

beachsissi swimwear

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